mapsims Documentation

mapsims is a Python 3 package to produce map based simulations for the Simons Observatory.

It creates simulated Simons Observatory maps based on:

  • Foreground models included in PySM

  • Custom foregrounds models from the so_pysm_models package, currently so_pysm_models.GaussianDust and so_pysm_models.GaussianSynchrotron

  • Precomputed Cosmic Microwave Background simulations

  • Noise simulations based on expected performance and simulated hitmaps with either classical or opportunistic scanning strategy

  • Effect of gaussian beam convolution


mapsims Package


from_config(config_file[, override])


Run the tests for the package.


Channel(tag, telescope, band, beam, …[, …])

Base class of a channel

MapSim(channels, nside[, num, unit, …])

Run map based simulations

SOChannel(telescope, band)

Single Simons Observatory frequency channel

SONoiseSimulator(nside[, ell_max, seed, …])

Simulate noise maps for Simons Observatory

SOPrecomputedCMB(iteration_num[, nside, …])

Return a CMB map from stored alm’s.

SOStandalonePrecomputedCMB(iteration_num[, …])

Equivalent of SOPrecomputedCMB to be executed outside of PySM.


Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of mapsims.so_utils.Channel, mapsims.runner.MapSim, mapsims.so_utils.SOChannel, mapsims.noise.SONoiseSimulator, mapsims.cmb.SOPrecomputedCMB, mapsims.cmb.SOStandalonePrecomputedCMB, mapsims.UnsupportedPythonError